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Board of Directors & Staff

Vicky Wilton
Vicky Wilton (2008) Chair of the Board

Pediatric Interlink Nurse for Northern Ontario BPHE, RN.

Vicky was born and raised in Sudbury, where she attended Laurentian University and received an undergraduate degree in Physical and Health Education, before graduating from the Nursing program at Cambrian College.  Vicky has been employed with the Sudbury Regional Hospital since 1998 as a Staff Nurse on the Oncology/Palliative care unit and as a Nurse in Pediatrics and the Intensive Care Nursery.  Before joining the hospital, Vicky worked a number of years with the CNIB, VON, & Bayshore.
Vicky wanted to become the Pediatric Interlink Nurse because she loves working with children and their families; plus she enjoys the challenges involved with community based programs.  Vicky’s experience in oncology, pediatrics, and home care proves that she is the right person for this specialized position.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pediatric Interlink Nurse is a paid position with the Northeast Regional Cancer Center.  Vicki’s role is to provide guidance, support, and information to families of children with cancer.  Vicki is a volunteer with the NOFCC and she is our connection to families dealing with childhood cancer.

Aaron McBain
Jane Mazzuca (2015) Secretary

Jane was born and raised in Sudbury and is a graduate of the Law Clerk Program at Cambrian College. She is married with four children and one grandchild. She is currently working for the City of Greater Sudbury at the Waster Water Treatment Plant in the administration offices. When asked to join the NOFCC Board she thought her skills could be put to good use assisting this truly wonderful organization, and was thrilled to help out.

Jamie Cressswell
Jamie Cresswell (2016)

Jamie grew up in a small community outside of Sudbury. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Laurentian University, and later attended Algonquin College in Ottawa for his electrical apprenticeship. He worked for many years in the electrical trade, performing work in residential, commercial, industrial and mining workplaces. It was during his time while working with a local mining company that he got involved in health and safety, which lead to his current role as a Provincial Mining Specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

Jamie’s son was diagnosed with a stage 3 brain tumour, 3yrs ago, he underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumour, and that was followed up with radiation and chemotherapy treatments. His son required a second surgery to remove cancerous tissue; however, after this surgery no radiation or chemotherapy was required. His son continues to be monitored at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

We are extremely grateful to NOFCC for providing assistance; we were able to focus on our son’s health, and know that there was an organization that would support us if required.

Aaron McBain
Sarah Kennedy (2017)

Sarah was born and raised in the Greater Sudbury area. She has taken the Culinary Arts Program at Cambrian College. Beyond making a fabulous meal, the program provided her with an excellent suite of culinary and kitchen management skills. However, she soon realized that while she loved cooking, she was better suited for a career in her family’s business. She joined her father, who owns a successful construction and fastener retail company in Sudbury, as a Salesperson. Sarah always loved the versatility that working in the construction and mining industry brought. She thoroughly enjoys being a Salesperson in this industry. From her extensive experience in her family business, she moved on to become a successful Sales Coordinator for ATCO Structures and Logistics. 

On February 11, 2017 Sarah and her husband, Codi, heard the worst words a parent could possibly hear “your son has cancer.” Almost immediately, her son Malleck and his father were flown to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Sarah, a new mother to 6 week old Brooklyn, travelled back and fourth to ensure she was doing her best to be with her son and husband as well as their newest addition. 

Shortly after her son started treatment they were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House together as a family. While going through this whirlwind of hospital stays, visits and learning about her sons diagnosis, she was introduced to NOFCC. 

NOFCC reassured Sarah that the organization would always be there for her and her family, with many means of support, including financial assistance and emotional support during the long road ahead. She is extremely thankful to have the organization to lean on when needed. Sarah wants to do everything she can to help other families during these times to the best of her ability. 

Her decision to become a board member for the NOFCC was not a difficult one. She quickly recognized the value and compassionate support needed for Northern families who experience a childhood cancer diagnosis. 

Malleck, while presently in a management state, is not nearly done with his treatment. Thankfully, he is doing well and she and her family are continuing to learn about the journey ahead.

Aaron McBain
Mike Squarzolo (2017)

Mike was born and raised in the Sudbury area. He attended Laurentian University and Cambrian College and is currently employed by the City of Greater Sudbury as a Captain with the Fire Services.

Mike’s middle child Jacob was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of 10 months in 2003. Treatments required extensive travel to the United States as well as to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa and Sick Kids in Toronto. His therapies involved specialized treatments, costly experimental drugs and procedures which spanned 7 years. Today his son is a healthy teenager. NOFCC was a huge support to Mike’s family throughout Jacob’s illness. Therefore, Mike feels privileged to be giving back to the organization by serving as a volunteer Board Member to help support Northern Ontario Families.


Aaron McBain
Bernie Beland (2019) Treasurer

Bernie was born and raised in the Sudbury area. He retired after a nearly forty year career as a Bank Manager and Certified Financial Planner. His career moves have allowed him to enjoy living in fourteen cities and towns in north eastern Ontario.

While living in these many communities, Bernie was a member of various charitable focused  local fraternities, local business organizations and children’s sports organizations.

Given the loss to cancer of two older brothers, his wife’s parents, and two brothers-in-law, he volunteered for a few years with the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Camp Quality which exists for children with cancer. More recently, Bernie’s granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatments. He has proudly accepted the opportunity to volunteer as NOFCC’s Treasurer.

Aaron McBain
Jane Rodrigues (2019)

Jane was born and raised in the Sudbury area and attended Laurentian University, graduating with a BA degree in 1968. After attending teachers’ college she taught at Marymount College until 1980.Jane has two children, Matthew who works as a medical physicist for a pharmaceutical company in Seattle Washington and Sara who lives in Toronto and is a senior policy analyst with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Jane has held a variety of jobs in her lifetime, but since 2001 has been the Teacher Librarian at St. Charles College.In the past Jane has volunteered at the Cancer Centre, the Hospice, and the Ronald MacDonald Family Room. She is presently a volunteer with the Angels in Pink and Seniors Helping Seniors in Coniston. When she was asked to join the board of the NOFCC she was pleased to accept as this is such a wonderful organization that is focused on health issues for northern families.


Dayna Caruso
Dayna Caruso (2012) – Executive Director

Dayna is a Honours graduate of the Psychology Program at Laurentian University and has special qualifications in neuroscience, family life studies, sexuality and women’s studies. Dayna worked as a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Worker for the Northern Lights Program and Ontario March of Dimes for 7 years, being hired in her 2nd year of her Honours BA.

Dayna was hired by the Board of Directors in 2012 to help recruit volunteers and manage the fundraising for the organization. She was quickly promoted to Executive Director in 2014 as the needs of the charity began to grow and the responsibilities of her position required more attention. Dayna has played an important role in growing the name of the charity and developing it into the organization it is today. 

Dayna was recently nominated and won a Top 40 Under Forty Award for the Greater City of Sudbury.