NOFCC General Fund

Donate today to help a family in your community tomorrow. All donations are used on an as needed basis by families in need across Northern Ontario. NOFCC is not government or hospital funded, and relies on community donations to fund the 20 programs and services available. To donate to our Programs and Services please choose the General Fund option when selecting a fund.

How Your Donation Can Help


The Hasbeen Fund was launched in 2015 to assist families in Northern Ontario who have a child diagnosed with cancer afford the costs of playing Canada’s favourite sport, hockey. The funds raised help with registration costs and equipment needed by families. You can make a donation to this fund by clicking the Donate Now button and choosing the Hasbeen Fund- Put a Child on the Ice.

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A Message from our Funder

Most children who play hockey dream of making it to the NHL. Since we can remember, we pictured ourselves scoring the game winning goal and even holding up the Stanley Cup above our heads. I was one of those children. I am also surrounded by so many others who dreamt the same dreams. Starting in Mickey Mouse and then before you know it, old timer hockey. When picking a charity, it was very clear for me that I wanted to do my part in helping kids who want to play hockey who may not have the opportunity to do so. The HASBEEN clothing line will take proceeds out of every sale to help children get onto the ice and live out their dreams, regardless of their situation. Small fundraisers will also be held throughout the year to raise funds for the Hasbeen Fund through Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer.

Together we will help children live out their hockey dreams

Cody Duguay
Owner, Hasbeen Hockey Apparel