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Miggy Cup 2024

Miguel was a beloved business and family man in the Sudbury community. He worked in the family business that is Douro Roofing and was part Owner in Northern Commercial Exteriors and Northern Residential Exteriors.

Aside from being a business man, Miguel was definitely a true family man. He also volunteered his time to help coach his children in hockey. Miguel had three children, Mateo, Mia and Mikaelle with his wife Marie Soleil Beites.

Miguel was a good athlete is his prime days playing AAA and Junior A hockey for the Rayside Belfour Sabrecats.

Miguel was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in March of 2021. After a long courageous battle for roughly 2.5 years Miguel passed away on August 21st 2023 just 5 days after his 40th Birthday. Migs loved hockey; he was both a dedicated player and a passionate trainer. He loved golfing, skiing, playing tennis and baseball, hunting, fishing, the outdoors, traveling and playing cards at the casino. He was a generous soul and loved his kids and family more than anything else in the world. He was a warrior until his last breath. A true example of courage, strength, and perseverance. Living was so important for him. His last two and half years of battling through cancer has clearly demonstrated that he wanted to live life to the fullest and be around his children and wife. He will be remembered as an exceptionally positive human being. He will be truly missed by his family and his friends as well as the hockey and construction communities of Sudbury.

Given Miguels vast popularity in the community, we as a family have decided to create a charity event called the Miggy Cup in his name to honor him and raise funds for NOFCC.

The Miggy Cup is a 3 on 3 single elimination hockey tournament to be held in Azilda on Friday April 5th. Please join us for a day of fun with games during the day, and Toe Jam Tequila playing in the evening at the hall next door to the rink! Tickets are available for the evening event by contacting Darcy directly.
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